To rise to the challenge of today’s global financial landscape, the need to be responsive, flexible, innovative and dynamic is greater than ever.

We are in a world that requires new and better methods of doing business to stay ahead. Sometimes that means stepping back from the noise, seeing through the natural ups and downs of the markets, and looking for reliable ways to deliver performance and results for investors, regardless of the wider economic issues or the latest political sensation.

To achieve this, it’s important for investment professionals to be able to respond quickly to change and explore opportunities as they arise. This is the driving force behind Soor. As a compact team of independent real estate specialists, our investment focus and expertise are matched by our agility and swift, efficient decision-making. It means we have the skills and expertise to offer a full range of services for our investors to help them protect, preserve and grow their wealth – and the flexibility to help them make the most of every opportunity.


Soor is a private equity real estate firm. We offer a full range of investment services to originate, structure and deliver real estate properties, products, and strategies with a focus across the USA, UK, Europe, and GCC on behalf of our investors.


As a business, we value tradition. Tried and tested approaches are often the best way to meet a challenge, provide security, and problem solve. But equally, we look to create new traditions. By actively exploring new ideas and techniques, at Soor we aim to offer our investors the best of both worlds – combining experience with innovation.

Our mission is to find opportunities for our investors, and from those opportunities deliver performance and lasting results.


Choice is essential for our clients, but it’s equally important for them to have consistent high-quality investment options. The global reach of our service allows us to give them the widest scope of opportunities, as well as the most interesting prospects.

To help our investors make the most of these opportunities, as an independent partnership we can think fast, move quickly and transact in the optimum time frame. As a team, we also have the experience to handle even the most challenging transactions in the same timely manner. What we don’t have are the many obstacles to doing business that often encumber large organizations.

While effective decision-making and flexibility are key to achieving the best results, we always build thorough screening strategies into our investment process. It matters to us, and to our clients, that each transaction is planned in an efficient, integrated, and responsible way.