As a partnership we offer a wide range of investor services supported by our real estate investment and asset management expertise.

We take the time to fully understand the needs of our clients, and where appropriate we can provide and manage a distinguished range of specialist wealth and financial planning services on their behalf.


We offer a range of acquisition services from defining investment objectives, deal sourcing and identifying opportunities to structuring, strategizing, and due diligence. Our acquisition capabilities work through to deal closing and activating the transaction.

Asset Management

As a key to enhancing investment performance and mitigating risks, we offer asset management services to support our investors and help them navigate the complexities of the property markets. We provide analysis, oversight and monitoring, property management, risk management, annual reviews of business plans and budgets, performance, detailed reporting and informed decision-making for sales, distributions and refinancing.


To complete the investment cycle, we offer disposition services which range from formulating structures and strategies for sale, refinancing, recapitalization, and repositioning to negotiating, documenting, and closing the commercial terms of sale.


We can provide advice, guidance, and assistance with specific cases regarding the management of properties, agreements and other documents relating to the properties for Shariah compliance, communications to investors and finance providers, and overall investment and business strategy.